CS3-CS5-2CS 3 Shoe Manufacturing Industry

CS 5 Leather Goods Industry

The picture shows the CS 3 complete with automatic dial gauge for the thickness, i.e. the leather thickness is transferred to the cut and must no longer be inserted separately.

Technical Specifications:

  • Three-axis position control with step motor
  • Programmable parameters for skiving thickness, angle and width
  • Individual programming of type of skive, type of leather and name of article, using the complete of data storage
  • Free choice of single skives or a series of skives (with the facility to reverse the order of the skives)
  • Indication of knife position within variable limit settings
  • Manual adjustment of knife and grinding wheel
  • Integrated diagnostics for fault-finding and management of key machine functions
  • Ease of operation by representation of function keys by liquid crystal display
  • Skive sequence controlled by foot-switch or through keyboard
  • Stepless electronic feed of material, controlled by foot pedal and / or dial (potentiometer) – manual
  • Choice of language (D, GB, E, F, I, P)

Machine Equipment:

CS 3 CS 5
Steel feed roll and presser roll X X
Presser bar O X
Rubber feed roll X X
Step-less feed drive X X
Scrap suction device X X
Work lamp O X
Thickness gauge O
Digital thickness gauge X
Sound absorber for suction device O X
Grinding dust suction device / Metal filter O O
Profile bar attachment O O
Profile roller attachment O O
Roller table O O

O = Optional X = Included in Series