Computer-Controlled Multiple Skiving Machine -with automatic calculation of the skiving angle, data transfer / data storage

Multiple skiving machine for universal use in the shoe and leather goods industry. Easy and quick programming, data storage and data transfer reduce production costs; e.g. production can be more flexible in respect to seasonal style changes and guarantees constant quality independent from different operators.

Technical Specifications:

  • New system of machine programming, skiving angles will be automatically calculated
  • Skiving width unchanged independent from thickness of leather
  • Automatic adjustment of emery wheel and bell knife
  • CBN – emery wheel
  • Standard program / article program
  • Display and programmable control of all machine functions
  • Data transfer by RAM-Card ensures that all machines produce the same result
  • Simple data storage on RAM-Card
  • Control of skive sequence by foot-pedal or by keyboard
  • Stepless electronic drive of feed roll, controlled by foot pedal

Machine Equipment:

Work lamp O
Top cover O
Integral bench with modified scrap chute and scrap box X
RAM-Card 512 Kb O
Scraper unit for removal of cement from inside of bellknife where appropriate O
Lubrication device for bellknife in case of laminated materials O
Pneumatic scrap and dust removal system in case of fibrous materials O
Grinding device on rocker arm (emery wheel accompanies knife adjustment regularly) O
Special 18 mm presser foot O
Vertically adjustable work table O

O = Optional X = In Series